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Plan of the after-sale service
Firstly, after the acceptance of the product(within 1-2 weeks), train customers: maintenance training, operating training.
It is now described as follows:
1 Place for training: the worksite of the user
2 Training content:
  1)The basic working principle of the system;
  2)The whole process of the system installation, the methods of inspection, adjustment, calibration, start, movement of the equipment installation;
  3)The operating instruction and the essential points of operation of the system;
  4)The knowledge and technology about the design, manufacture, installation, commissioning, maintenance, repair, operation of the system.
3 Training material: the maintenance manual of the product operation.
Secondly, the after-sale service and the response time
The after-sale service tenet of our company: quick, decisive, accurate, thorough. Timely solve the problems that the users come across in the course of the use; timely communicate the relevant new technologies, new information.
The company operates three-level service network, the first level service is a remote guidance by the company, the user examines and repairs by himself/herself. When the company receives the user's telephone, telegraph messages,it will immediately respond to them; the second level service is that, when the company receives the user's telephone, telegraph messages, it will respond whithin 24 hours; the third level service is that the company sends the engineering and technical personnel to come knocking at the user's door to offer the service and maintenance. When the company receives the user's telephone, telegraph messages, it will respond within 48 hours.
Thirdly, on-site inspection services
Our company will regularly take the initiative to communicate with the designated contact of the customers about the various situations in the product operation, so that we can keep abreast of the situation and take preventive measures. Provide the free on-site inspection service for 1 or 2 times a year, fill in the information feedback form. Mainly adopt two ways by the technical means: remote on-site inspection and telephone on-site inspection.