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Cultural Concept

Enterprise tenet
People-oriented, technological innovation, quality first, customer first
Corporate vision
Become a national leader in the analogue simulation industry, build the international famous brand
Guideline for management of the company
Safe and reliable, advanced technology, sustainable development, customer satisfaction
Core value of the company
Self-dependent innovation, cooperation and mutual benefits
Enterprise spirit
Integrity, rigorous, learning, innovation


About Moreget
It expresses enterprises "innovation and development, take advantages to make leap"concept and the pursuit of "high, fine, sharp", continuous effort to pursue realize "every technology and products can fill the domestic and the world blank standard" goal.
Its English translation is "Mo Jie", means "more harvest".
Expressedexcept enterprise profits, it can harvest more vision. Including: social recognition and respect, industry leader, embodies team members' value, and expect through corporate career success to achievepart teammember's careersucceed.
Logo explains
Uppercase "M" is the enterprises English name "Moreget" abbreviation.
"M" can deform "NI", meaning "No Injuries" in English, name is "no damage". Expressed through use simulation training system, it can minimize possible to decreesloss and casualtiesin practical applications.
On the upper right of logo corner is checkerboard grid, which can be explainedas the simulation system "combinationvirtual and realit", which combine with the virtual scene system and control the real system.