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About Moreget

Mo jie

The word comes from the Sanskrit "vimalakirti", which means "clean", "pure".

Vimalakirti is Buddhist first recluse and bodhisattva with the same period of Shakyamuni. He was living at home, but always practiced brahmacariya. He associated with all social strata, went to all kinds of places, enlightened people accord with conditions, preached Mahayana teachings. He taught people see the pure land of the soul, to create a better world. The practice of “great recluse in the city” is consistent with the Chinese traditional Confucian culture “go into the society actively”.

It expresses the mission of the enterprise "to take the responsibility of the society actively, pursue peace and security, reduce the injury, save lives".


It expresses our company’s mindset of ‘To innovate, to develop, and to grow with the tech trend’, as well as our pursuit of ‘advance, precision, high-end’. Beside these, it also means that we work hard continuously to realize the goal of ‘To reach global advanced level for every technology and product’.


It is the combination of ‘More get’, sounds the same as ‘mo jie’,means ‘To get more’.

It expresses our enterprise vision of ‘To pursue more beside profits’, which includes but not limited to: the recognition and respect in the society, the leadership in this industry, and the expectation to help team members achieve their career success and dreams by developing our enterprise.

Logo Explanation

Capital "M" is the abbreviation of the company’s English name ‘Moreget’, and it’s also the abbreviation of the Chinese character ‘simulation’.

We could also take ‘M’ as the combination of ‘N’ and ‘I’, which means ‘No Injury’. It means, the usage of simulation training system will highly reduce the actual loss and casualties.

The upper right corner of the logo is shaped like the chessboard; its extended meaning is the ‘combination of virtuality and reality’ of the simulation system, which means the combination of the simulated feeling of ‘visual, hearing, touch, motion’ and the actual technology of ‘optics, acoustics, mechanics, electric’.