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Company profile

Beijing Moreget Innovation Technology Inc. (Stock Code: 836008) is a controlled enterprise of listed company Haige Communications (Stock Code: 002465). Moreget was established in August 2006, and its business includes five major sectors, which are Integration training simulator, Flight training, Virtual reality technology applocation, Military culture theme park, and Online game.

The company has been pursuing technocligical innovation since its foundation. Its main products include flight simulaor, maintenance simulator, defence vehicle simulator, electric motion base, visual system, etc. The successful development of heavy load six degree-of-freedom electric motion base and four-to-one image generator fills the blank area in China, and reaches the advanced level in the world.

Moreget has assembled a large number of excellent staffs, led by a group of domestic senior experts in this industry. It has deep technical background and mature engineering experience in simulation, automatic control, servo, computer, network and other relevant technology fields, and owns several national patents. To provide a powerful technical support for continuous development and innovation, the company carries out close cooperation with dozens of well-known demestic scientific research institutes.

With the strategic guidance of Haige Communications, the company will, as always, insist the development strategy of “advance, precision, high-end”, take the road of “based on the core technology, developing relevant industries”, be adhering to the quality policy of “advanced technology, safety and reliable, sustainable development, customer satisfaction”, strengthen development continuously, improve performance of products, to provide customers with better experience. We will be committed to achieve the enterprise vision of “Building Moreget Innovation into the leader of domestic simulation industry and an international famous brand”.